Common Core Project: MASTER LISTS

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Simply scroll down to the lists below and then click to open the link that corresponds to the first letter in the name of the resource of interest. Then scroll the list alphabetically.

  1. It is imperative that readers take the time to study and understand this site's definitions for each category - as defined below (and on the pdf lists themselves); please do not assume you know the meaning of a category name without doing so;
  2. Generally speaking, you should search for publisher names, not individual book titles. In some cases, we do list by book title, but most often we go by publisher name;
  3. Do not search using an article (A, An, The). Instead, start with the first significant word in the title (i.e., to find The Mystery of History, look under Mystery of History, The);
  4. If searching for an author, search first using the Last Name, First Name rule (i.e., Mike Venezia is under Venezia, Mike). Sometimes an author's name is also his/her "brand," in which case it will be listed as First Name Last Name, so check via the relevant first name if you cannot find the last name, Remember, though, that we only list a few authors by name; in most cases, resources are listed by publisher;
  5. Each resource in the left-hand column is hyperlinked to the company website. Some notes in the right-hand column also contain links; 
  6. The notations in the middle column are color-coded, as follows, to show a bit of extra information about each one's status:
         - responded directly to queries;
         - make unambiguous statements on their websites;
         - have not yet responded
           (i.e., are included on either the Non-Response or Awaiting a Response list);
         - are suppliers/distributors (not actual curriculum/resource publishers).


IND - INDEPENDENT: These companies have not changed anything in regards to the CCS/NGSS/C3 and intend to remain INDEPENDENT of the initiative. They may or may not know of ways in which their materials happen to somehow match some aspects of CCS/NGSS/C3, but any such connections are purely circumstantial and the providers do not endorse/promote the initiative.

IND PAR - PARTIALLY INDEPENDENT: These companies are partially independent of the CCS/NGSS/C3 but also have some connections, as noted. 

COR - CORRELATED: Each of these companies is CORRELATED to - which is different than explicit alignment with - the CCS/NGSS/C3. Correlated providers did not make content changes in order to become "aligned" and, in many cases, have indicated concerns with the initiative. However, they do note (usually on their websites) where/how their materials - as written - correlate with aspects of the CCS/NGSS/C3. In other words, they promote where/how they match the CCS/NGSS/C3, but have not actually changed their content to align.

ANC - ANCILLARY CONNECTIONS: Each of these companies has an ANCILLARY CONNECTION to the CCS/NGSS/C3. In most cases, the publishers have indicated a preference for maintaining educational independence from the CCS/NGSS/C3 initiative. However, their resources - usually "package programs" - do incorporate some books from explicitly aligned publishers and/or links to explicitly aligned material from other sources. Thus, a child using a resource with an Ancillary Connection as designed (i.e., without purposeful substitutions made by a parent) will be exposed to some CCS/NGSS/C3 content.

EXP - EXPLICITLY ALIGNED: These companies have indicated that they have chosen to EXPLICITLY ALIGN their materials with the CCS/NGSS/C3. Some have made relatively small changes, and others have completely overhauled their products - or were even initially created based on the initiative. However, in all cases, conscious content changes were made to accommodate the CCS/NGSS/C3.

OTH - OTHER RESPONSES: Each of these companies either needs more time to formulate an official response, has indicated it will only share its position with individual parents, or is not interested in sharing its view at all. 

NON - NON-RESPONSE: Each of these companies was contacted multiple times over the course of several months and did not respond to any query. We cannot speculate as to why they have chosen not to reply, and we have no discernible way of knowing their respective positions on the CCS/NGSS/C3.

WAIT - AWAITING A RESPONSE: Each of these companies has been queried, but has not yet sent a reply.

SUP - SUPPLIERS/DISTRIBUTORS: Unless otherwise noted, these companies do not publish any of their own materials or actually produce curriculum and educational products. Instead, they merely sell resources from a wide variety of other outlets, serving as suppliers/distributors. As such, they have not been queried in regard to the CCS/NGSS/C3. And to our knowledge, they all sell a wide variety of materials - whether independent, correlated, having ancillary connections, or explicitly aligned - without regard to any resource's CCS/NGSS/C3 status.


Feel free to download and/or print out these lists as desired and to share them with others. Do check back often, though, as more resources are added regularly and some listings change over time. And please give proper attribution when sharing these lists in any way.

Last Updated: 4.24