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provides current and prospective homeschooling parents with free summative information about more than 3,700 homeschool-oriented resources in over 300 different content areas. In the process, we hope to encourage and equip homeschooling parents as they raise and educate their children.

This site was formerly located at a different URL However, we were forced to move to this new venue in January 2019 following a significant site hack the previous fall and changes to Wordpress that were incompatible with our files. In a way, though, the problems proved to be a blessing, as we realized we needed to simplify the site - and rebuilding it in a new location was easier than attempting to redo the old (potentially corrupted) site.

A significant amount of content on the old site had been available only via paid subscription. But we felt convicted in making this move to offer everything for free. Doing so simplifies our workload and also enables us to be of service to more homeschoolers, which has always been our goal. If you were familiar with the subscription-based portion of the old site, you'll notice that the same content remains, albeit in a more streamlined format.


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